Submitting to a Stranger by Zara Lynne

Submitting to a Stranger - erotic short story by Zara Lynnesheer control - an erotic story by Zara Lynne

Submitting to a Stranger is book three of the Revealing Wife in France series. This series is the story of how a couple, on an extended trip to the south of France, pursue their erotic desires. Matt soon discovers that his yearning to show off and share his wife Anne is wantonly embraced by his once demure spouse. Matt is, however, unable to quell the jealousy in the pit of his stomach. Will their erotic adventures bring them closer together or tear them apart?

In this story, Submitting to a Stranger, Matt has already persuaded his wife to make his fantasy a reality. To Matt’s pleasure and delight Anne submits totally to a stranger in front of him. Her submission amazes her husband and reveals how far she is willing to go to please him (and herself).

The question still is, though, how far will she let this go and how far will Matt push her?

Is this what you want to happen? Do you want to strip your wife naked for a stranger? Do you want to watch that stranger fuck your wife’s mouth? Do you really want to watch that stranger take your wife in front of you? Tell me, is that what you really want?

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