Cam Control by Zara Lynne

Book-5-600x900sheer control - an erotic story by Zara Lynne

Cam Control is the final book in the Revealing Wife in France series. This series is the story of how a couple, on an extended trip to the south of France, pursue their erotic desires. Matt soon discovers that his yearning to show off and share his wife Anne is wantonly embraced by his once demure spouse. Matt is, however, unable to quell the jealousy in the pit of his stomach. Will their erotic adventures bring them closer together or tear them apart?

In this story, Cam Control, Matt’s wife is put up for auvtion at an exclusive gentleman’s club in the hills of Provence. Anne is discovering a side to herself that she was totally unaware of. Anne realises that being a hot wife can also be liberating and surprises her husband with a decision he had not seen coming.

Ly kneeled in front of me and let me do just that. I kissed her neck and slowly revealed her shoulders. As the silky kimono slid down her arms I took in the beauty of her superb breasts. She had delightful puffy nipples that were stiff and hard. Her breasts had no tan lines and were probably a B or small C cup. “Just perfect,” I thought, as I kissed my way down to her left nipple and took it gently into my mouth.

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